photo1jpg – End of year seems like the great time for us to celebrate our holidays season. Well, have you itinerary yet ? or are you still looking for the great next trip ? Oops… do not be worry. We always have a nice recommendation place, so you can explore with, even for a few days.

This time, beautiful Indonesia will guide you to Madura. Especially , exploring the great wall on the Bukit Jaddih. Bukit Jaddih is such a hill which the place is limestone quarry. Located in Jaddih village, Socah sub-district, Bangkalan Madura. This place offered the beauty of nature by the hill. If you look from afar, it will look radiant beauty of the hills with some white part by mining.

In additions, when you enter the territory of this hills, you will see the best cliffs and a various caves sizes by excavated miners. Look beautiful and unique, excavation of miners from a variety of patterns. In fact, there are some of that has been formed like a lake. And also in one of location has been done as a swimming pool which locals known as Goa Potte (Potte Cave).

The trek in to this location is not easy, even the access location is easy to reach it from Bangkalan City. Indeed locals always warned to every tourist about don’t use this track, because while the road is too rocky and slippery, also a lot of criminal. So, it is better using a car, but you need to turn around Bangkalan kota to reach Labang street, and also be carefull because the road access also steep terrain.  

Well, no matter how hard the way, if you keep survived and really have a soul traveller. It will be an awesome adventure you will have. The beautiful scenes and a nice gold skies will kiss your eyes and skin to feel the nature of Jaddih Hills – Madura.

The great time to visit here is around 3 p.m, so you can see a gold skies with the white beauty of the hills. Such an amazing time, if you want to take a photograph here.  

Writer : Kusuma


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